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Therapeutic Platform of Bioactive Lipids: Focus on Cancer

Manjari Singh, 9781774910856, 9781774910849, 9781003301608, 978-1-77491-084-9, 978-1-77491-085-6, 978-1-00330-160-8, 978-1774910849, 1774910845, B0BX7R6HBV

English | 2023 | PDF | 25 MB | 322 Pages

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Bioactive lipid metabolism and signaling are now widely accepted as major players in cancer biology. This volume helps to fill the urgent need to explore and investigate the innovations, current shortcomings, and future challenges of cancer therapy through the bioactive lipids by presenting new research on the use of bioactive lipids as effective weapons against cancer. The volume introduces the subject and then goes on to cover the chemistry, formulation, and mechanism of bioactive lipids in cancer.

The volume takes a close look at lipoxins, ceramides, resolvins, and sphingosine-1-phosphate and their roles in cancer treatment. It also addresses the formulations based on bioactive lipids for the treatment of cancer. A variety of mechanisms of bioactive lipids as novel therapies are also covered, including using computational techniques to identify bioactive lipid drug targets, targeting therapy via KRAS and PI3K signals, and others. The authors also discuss the role and effects of various substances and their effect on various cancers, including colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and others. The application of lysophosphatidic acid, lipopolysaccharide, lipid-soluble bioactive substance from avocado, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids-derived lipid metabolites, and more are covered as well.

The volume offers academia, technologists, and scientists from different disciplines valuable information to gain knowledge of bioactive lipid metabolism and signaling as an anti-cancer weapon in their fight against cancer.