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Outsmart Your Anxious Brain: Ten Simple Ways to Beat the Worry Trick

David A. Carbonell, 9781684032013, 978-1684032013

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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It’s time to outsmart your worry and anxiety. Drawing on the same  cutting-edge psychology presented in author David Carbonell’s The Worry  Trick, this irreverent, on-the-go guide offers ten powerful  "counter-intuitive" strategies to help you put worry in its  place—anytime, anywhere.

Anxiety is a powerful force. It makes us  question our decisions and ourselves, worry about the future, and it  fills our days with dread and emotional turbulence. But what if we  understood that anxiety is merely a trick of the mind, trying to  convince us we’re in danger? Anxiety is like a magician behind the  curtain, playing subtle tricks on us to convince us that we're in danger  when we’re not. When we understand this, we can observe our anxious  feelings with some distance.

Based on the author’s popular book,  The Worry Trick, this helpful and humorous guide identifies the “trick”  of chronic anxiety, and provides the ten most powerful techniques based  in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and cognitive behavioral  therapy (CBT) to help you respond differently to panic, anxiety, worry,  and phobias. Once you learn to respond differently to the worry trick,  you’ll be able to break the cycle of chronic anxiety for good.

Instead  of trying to “manage” your anxiety or push anxious thoughts  away—techniques that you’ve probably already discovered don’t work—the  ten powerful strategies outlined in this guide will empower you to  actually change how you respond to worry and anxiety, so you can get  your life back!