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Hillcrest Medical Center: Healthcare Documentation and Medical Transcription

8th Edition, Patricia Ireland, Carrie Stein, 1305583922, 1305583795, 1305887050, 978-1305583924, 9781305583924, 978-1305583795, 9781305583795, 978-1305887053, 9781305887053, B01ND3Z4TS

English | 2018 | Original PDF | 16 MB | 239 Pages

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This innovative text uses a simulation approach to give readers  interested in healthcare documentation and medical transcription careers  a working knowledge of medical reports common in both acute and chronic  care settings. Readers have access to transcription of 107 patient  medical reports, including 56 new reports exclusive to the Eighth  Edition. This edition also features 20 new speech recognition  technology/medical editing (SRT) reports, as well as information on  electronic health records (EHRs), quality assurance (QA), and scribes to  keep readers up-to-date on the latest advances in the field. Organized  by body system, the text includes full-color anatomy and physiology  illustrations to make medical terminology easier to master. In addition,  the authors have included a review of proper formatting, grammar, and  style in accordance with the AHDI's BOOK OF STYLE, and a master glossary  list compiles key terms in one section for convenient study and quick  reference.